• your superior enjoyment
    your superior enjoyment
    We have only one goal: your superior enjoyment, regardless of price.
  • Connoisseur Knowledge
    Connoisseur Knowledge
    We provide you with valuable information and help you select the right products for your requirements from the multiple possibilities available.
  • Connoisseur choice
    Connoisseur Choice
    A wide array of quality wines, spirits and selected allied products from around the world.
  • Happy Exploring
    Happy Exploring
    Happy exploring and discovering!
  • Connoisseur Expertise
    Connoisseur Expertise
    Our team of experts and knowledgeable eonologues will readily share their knowledge.
  • Superior Service
    Superior Service
    We strive to provide our customers with a superior service in everything we do.


Trapiche Varietal

Trapiche Varietal

Cabernet Sauvignon

Argentina, Trapiche

2018, 750 ml

Rs 500.25


Brotte La Fiole

Brotte La Fiole

AOP Côtes-du-Rhône
2016, 750 ml
Rs 649.75Rs 487.31
Les Granges

Les Granges

AOP Haut-Médoc
2014, 750 ml
Rs 1,095.95Rs 821.96
Michel Lynch Organic Merlot

Michel Lynch Organic Merlot

AOP Bordeaux
2016, 750 ml
Rs 737.15Rs 552.86
Ruffino Ponte d'Oro Galestro Griffe

Ruffino Ponte d'Oro Galestro Griffe

Toscana (Tuscany) Wine Region
2017, 750 ml
Rs 554.30Rs 415.73
Seven Springs

Seven Springs

Pinot Noir
2014, 750 ml
Rs 855.60Rs 641.70
Vieux Château Negrit

Vieux Château Negrit

AOP Montagne-Saint-Emilion
2016, 750
Rs 730.25Rs 547.69

The world's finest, at your fingertips

Le Connoisseur has only one goal – Your superior enjoyment, regardless of price. Initially devoted to prestigious international wines and spirit, we also propose local products. Le Connoisseur has now extended its gourmet range to foie gras, delicate chocolates, mediterranean aperitifs, aromatised olive oils and many other indulgences. Le Connoisseur satisfies everyone, even Coffee Lovers will find something for them. Le Connoisseur brings to you a wide range of choice, knowledge and support.

A selection of quality wines and spirits awaits you without leaving behind the art of serving wine. We offer products ranging from elegant glassware to decanters and cellars, in addition to accessories like corkscrews and wine thermometers. Our knowhow is at your disposal to optimise your enjoyment. Discover and explore the finest at your ease.

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