The Thirsty Fox Lager

The Thirsty Fox  Lager



The Thirsty Fox Lager330 ml, Blended 4% vol

Style:The most widely enjoyed beer in the world! Brewed with the finest malt and hops, our lager is mild, clean and crisp. If a beer should ‘just be a beer’ we invite you to experience the difference with a deliberate amount of mouth feel and flavour often not present in global Lager options.

Aroma & Taste: Our choice of hops such as ‘Perle’ and ‘Mittelfrüh’ add character and nobility to this brew. These very traditional hops are grown in the southern German Hallertau and find their way to our southern Indian island paradise.

Food Pairing:Supported by a 6 week sub zero lagering period these hops are allowed to unfold their true potential and add to the complexity of a traditionally simple beer style. Mauritius is a culinary paradise - we created an all rounder for you - Enjoy Mauritius!

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