Saint-Joseph Marandy

Brotte Saint-Joseph Marandy

AOP Saint-Joseph


Saint-Joseph Marandy2009/2012, 750 ml

This delicate and pleasing wine shows in historical records as early as the 16th century. Between the years of 1956 and 1969, all of the vineyards between Chavanay (30 km south of Lyon) and Guilherand (north of Valence) were regrouped into the AOC Saint-Joseph. 

Tasting notes: Colour – Purple with a raspberry rim. Nose – Intense with aromas of black fruits and pepper with toasty caramelised undertones. Palate – Expressive, classically elegant tannins appear with notes of raspberry and cassis. Beautifully mouth-filling with a spicy finish.
Grape variety: Syrah.

Serving: Serve at 16°C. Enjoy with hors-d’oeuvre, sausages and ratatouille, pâtés, ham and cold cuts, turkey, pot-au-feu, Puy lentils with roasted aubergine or alongside a platter of soft cheese.


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