Ruffino Libaio di Toscana Chardonnay

Ruffino Libaio di Toscana Chardonnay

Toscana (Tuscany) Wine Region


Ruffino Libaio di Toscana Chardonnay2012, 750 ml

Colour: Brilliant straw yellow.
Aroma: The bouquet is inviting with its refined notes of meadow flowers that elegantly fade into fragrant notes of ripe golden apples, citrus fruits and bananas. The finish offers an elegant touch of bread crust, typical of Chardonnay, refined on the lees.
Tasting profile: The taste is fragrant with hints of golden apple, sage and figs. The wine is harmonious with its pleasant roundness well balanced by a lively freshness. The finish is very aromatic and persistent, reminding the orange peel.


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