Réserve de l'Aube

Réserve de l'Aube

Vin de Pays d'Oc


Réserve de l'Aube2018 / 2019, 750 ml

Maison Brotte suggests  its fruitiest blend vinified from 70% Syrah and 30% Merlot. Syrah bringing body, colour and aromas. Merlot bringing fruit, finesse, colour intensity. The terroir is very different with an important proportion of clayey and sandy soils to capture deep water in case of very warm summer. Also, the Mistral allows a natural ventilation of the vines and contributes to the ripening of the grapes.
Tasting notes: Colour – Deep ruby colour. Nose – Very fine bouquet, mixing cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant and vanilla. Palate – Fresh mouth, full bodied, with delicate tannins showing volume, and finish with toasted notes.
Serving: Serve at 16°C. Enjoy with simple meals (delicatessen, barbecue, pizza, pasta) or with grilled white meat, lamb chops and exotic food.


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