Pure Bio Cucumber, Lime & Mint

Pure Bio Cucumber, Lime & Mint

Energy Drinks


Pure Bio Cucumber, Lime & Mint250 ml

The energy in PURE BIO® ENERGY drink comes from the combination of natural caffeine  (stimulus) whole cane sugar (energy carrier)   and  vegetable juice content. The caffeine found in PURE BIO® ENERGY DRINK is being produced from natural coffee plants. Compared to caffeine produced on synthetic basis, natural caffeine is more kind to the stomach and its effect lasts longer. All conventional energy drinks on the contrary contain synthetic caffeine. Whole cane sugar is unrefined and contains all minerals being found in cane sugar, in particular iron, magnesium, calcium, as well as B vitamins. Caramel is the characteristic taste of this kind of sugar. The vegetable juice supplies the body with natural and valuable nutrients.


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