Massenez Eau de Vie de Poire William

Massenez Eau de Vie de Poire William

Eau de Vie


Massenez Eau de Vie de Poire William700 ml, Blended 40% vol

The bottle is simply attached to the pear tree in flower…so the fruit develops inside the bottle. When it ripens, the fruit amd the bottle are carefully detached.                    

Aspect: Colourless, typical fruit brandy brilliance.

Nose: Clean and sustained with no strange notes. Pear is revealed at the first nose.Fruity, fresh and intense.

Palate: Subtle and elegence on the palate. In the mouth the Pear flavour is intense and provide freshness.Midpalate it evolves towards ripe fruit. Final spicy noth with a hint of liquorice typical of Williams Pear. A very harmonious brandy.



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