Highland Park 18 Years Old

Highland Park 18 Years Old



Highland Park 18 Years Old700 ml, Blended 43% vol

The best spirit in the world – Paul Pacult’s Spirits Journal, 2009   

Vintage: 18 years old.
Colour: Natural colour, burnished gold, clear and bright.
Nose: Rich, mature oak; top note of  aromatic smoke.
Palate: Rich, full flavour; honey and peat.
Finish: Soft, round and long. Highland Park is on the Mainland of Orkney.

The best spirits in the world the followingh three reasons. Casks: The finests sherry-seasoned oak casks in the industry. Peat: Locally sourced peat totally unique to the island of Orkney – the fuel used to prepare barley prior to making Highland Park. Orkney Islands: Orkney shapes the way this spirit develops over time. The islands have a huge influence on the final product.


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