Ginologist Festive Snow Globe Gin

Ginologist Festive Snow Globe Gin


South Africa

Ginologist Festive Snow Globe Gin700 ml, Blended 40% vol


Christmas is a time of joy and this gin embodies that feeling of joy that comes from the holidays. A combination of flavours that resembles that of Christmas pudding is highlighted in this gin and it is a truly unique experience.


On the nose you get distinctive glazed berry aromas that combine with the ‘Christmas Spices’ found in the gin to give a warm and full aroma of tart pudding, and something special to be enjoyed.


On the palate this gin leads with warm spiced notes that last throughout the whole drink. This is supplemented by the sweet berries and hints of rich vanilla to really give off that Christmas pudding flavour. It is a unique combination of flavours that lingers on the tongue and has a new surprise around every corner.


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