Ginologist Alcohol Free Floral

Ginologist Alcohol Free Floral

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Drinks

South Africa

Ginologist Alcohol Free Floral 750 ml

TASTING NOTES: Ginologist Alcohol-free Floral gin has all of the fun of a floral gin, with 0% of the alcohol. A vibrant and playful experience for all alcohol-free gin drinkers.

NOSE: Lovely, fresh rose aromas rise from this gin and fully encapsulate you in the moment even before the very first sip. Rose Geranium is first in line on the nose and this is then followed by hints of juniper and coriander.

PALATE: This alcohol-free gin tantalises the taste buds with its rose geranium led floral infusion with a long lingering flavour which finishes elegantly with the soft dryness of a classic gin. A delicious treat from start to finish, this gin will have you craving more.


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