Beluga Noble

Beluga Noble



Beluga Noble700 ml, Blended 40% vol

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is produced by a unique technology, skillfully combining ages-old traditions and innovations.

All ingredients that make up Beluga vodka pass a stringent purification and filtering process. Special malt spirit and the purest water from Siberian artesian wells combined with natural honey, infusion of oats and extracts of vanilla and Sylibum make its taste multi-faceted, complete and exquisite.
The final stage in the production of Beluga Noble Russian Vodka is the so-called “resting” period, which lasts 30 days. It is an exclusive technique not used in the production of ordinary vodka.
The “resting” period allows the vodka to settle down and acquire its mature noble taste, which made Beluga Noble Russian Vodka a global landmark.


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