Clés des Ducs XO

Clés des Ducs XO



Clés des Ducs XO700 ml, Blended 40% vol

The Appelation d'Origine Controlée was set down for Armagnac by law 1909. It delimits a zone in the south-west of France, in the Gascony region and divides it into three crus or growing areas: Haut Armagnac, Bas Armagnac & Teranerze.

Armagnac is elaborated by several steps of blending different eaux-de-vie, distilled from white wine produced in the region and aged in oak barrels. 

For Clés de Ducs XO, the blend is composed of eaux-de-vie aged for at least 15 years after distillation. The oldest eaux-de- vie in the blend are 20 years old.

Colour: Attractive and deep, dark and golden yellow, amber and rich. 

Bouquet: Fill, intense, rich; opened and mature; elegant and complex smell of rancio (port, walnut, hazelnut and prune); subtle vanilla touch; some discreet flowery and fresh fruity aromas. 

Taste: Round, hamonious but still keepng its typically rustic characteristic; complex, very full mature but lively and vigorous. 

Tasting suggestion: Savour at the end of a pleasant meal, or marry it with a chocolate dessert or coffee.



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