Brotte La Fiole

Brotte La Fiole

AOP Côtes-du-Rhône


Brotte La Fiole2016 / 2017, 750 ml

The Fiole was created in 1952 with the co-operation of local provincial glass and ceramic craftsmen. The unique bottle shape represents the gnarled and twisted vines typical in the region due to their struggle of growing against the Mistral wind. The bottle is exclusive as it is the only winery permitted to use this shape. The effort is to extend the concept of the world-renowned Fiole du Pape by creating a wine more widely accessible yet still of excellent quality. With this in mind, the highest quality Côtes du Rhône wines have been chosen and used with the same blending principles (across vintages) to make a wine of high and constant quality.
Tasting notes: Deep, bright ruby. Fruity and spicy bouquet evoking notes of cassis and prune. Initially fresh and full, supple and fruity with dominant notes of small black fruits and liquorice. A long and pleasing finish.
Varieties: Grenache Noir, Syrah.
Serving: Serve at 17°C. Enjoy with a lamb roast, truffled foie gras, braised duck with winter vegetables, daube provençale with black olives, a side of beef with roasted potatoes, a platter of strong cheese, or chocolate brownies.


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