The Famous Grouse Gold Reserve 12 Years Old

The Famous Grouse Gold Reserve 12 Years Old



The Famous Grouse Gold Reserve 12 Years Old700 ml, Blended 40% vol

Nose: pretty wine flavours, an attractive light sweet peat and smoke, delicious barley-malt flavours, probably from the Highland Park, and some very noticeable wheat grain flavour, a hint of anise; a very nice blended whisky nose

Taste: very robust flavours, especially for a 40% ABV blended Scotch; on the palate, the peat flavours get the upper hand over the wine flavours and the grain flavours, but it's all still there; there is lots of anise flavour on the palate which wasn't as noticeable in the nose

Finish: this is a rather long finish, and with this bottle I like the finish better than the palate; the wine flavours prominently return late, moving into the end of the finish

Balance: there is a good sweet/dry balance here, with strong flavours of both sweet and dry



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